Losi 5IVE T Class 1 Buggy Body the Hemistorm Penta
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Losi 5IVE T Custom Make-Over


Finding alternative bodies for your 1/5 scale SC truck has for many owners been all but a no go, especially those who own a Losi 5IVE T.

A couple weeks ago I saw a press release over at Large Scale News previewing a new body for the Losi 5IVE T from a company named Hemistorm
When I first read it I thought this has to be cool, a definite way to make your truck stand out from the pack. Read this first paragraph from the press release at Large Scale News…

WOW, this one came out of thin air. Hemistorm is officially the first company to hit the market with an alternative body shell for the Losi 5IVE-T. And when I say alternative I mean not only an alternative to the stock body but to a truck. They guys came out of the gate swinging with a full on Class 1 style buggy body that is a direct bolt-on to the stock roll cage… Continue reading

1 5 scale buggy body

Image via Big Squid RC


Now don’t get me wrong I thought this was great, except I saw the price…Uulp!
That price equated to nearly the cost of a new engine, remember we talking clear lexan body here no paint or graphics AND the light rail and bumper are priced on top of that. Anyway….

Hemistorm Penta Body –  what you get!

The main body consists of 5 pieces: A front section, a roof section, two doors and the rear panel. The front section, doors and rear section have all been detailed with louvre-styled “airscoops“. The front section encloses a part of the rollcage, emphasizing the open cage structure of the vehicle. The doors close all the way up to the rock guard, and together with the closed off front section the amount of debris entering the chassis will be kept to an absolute minimum. The roof section is reinforced with 8 barsections to ensure your paintjobs will keep unscratched as long as possible in case of a rollover.

Losi 5ive Buggy body


The pictures used for the pre-release did not exactly have me foaming at the mouth wanting more.
What made me think there was possibly something better to come was this piece from the press release.

These rough prototypes don’t fully represent the finished structure, they are merely meant to give an idea of the shape and look we envisioned while working on this enormous project.

Class 1 buggy body

Image via Large Scale News


So glad I didn’t fully voice an opinion on it back then.
Because that was then and this is now, the ugly buggling morphed into this 🙂

Hemistorm buggy body

Customised Hemistorm buggy body

Images via Large Scale Forum


Click on the above link for a whole heap more pics. Well worth the look!

Now that is eye candy! (we ARE talking RC’s r’member)

I thought Hemistorm would have pics over there and maybe a tutorial on what they had done – Nothing. Now don’t fret ’cause you can see all that went into this paint job over at the  Large Scale forum. (That link just above)

That Class 1 buggy body is an attention grabber. Looking at the Losi 5IVE T kitted out with sand tires, bead-locks and the awesome custom paint job, makes the price of the body not nearly as shocking.

Now consider this, the dude spent 50 – 60 hours prepping and custom painting that Penta body. Do some quick calc in you head (say a good custom painter costs $100/hr. I know those that charge more), so 60 x 100 = 6000 ‘ a $6k paint job!!!!

Makes the initial purchase price seem lame.
Just sayin!


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