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Budget Drifting for Newbies


Well I’ve been procrastinating about it for days, so now it has become the better
of 2 evils – either write the post about RC drift cars for newbies or go and have coffee
with the wife and a couple of her friends.

Believe me writing this is a no brainer option (no offense to any of you girls)

When we ran the comp for the Tamiya BMW we received a couple of emails
asking our opinion on what would be a good entry level RC drift car.

There was also a few who filled out the surveys who are interested in RC
drift cars.

To be honest this is an area in RC cars that I have a growing interest in.
(amongst a new found interest in Multi-copters as well.)

So for the past few months I have been digging around on the internet looking
at what’s happening in the RC drift scene.

Things have certainly changed in a very short period of time.

There is an explosion of RC drift cars available now, whereas previously –
only 2 years ago, Tamiya led the bunch and there was not much competition.

Tamiya is still a top contender and will remain so for a long time yet I should

Now if you have an endless budget buying a RC Drift car is simply a matter
of choice.

If, like me you are budget conscious and forking out $300 + is not in your
budget then I have some good news for you.

Enter – Hobbyking Mission-D 4WD GTR

HK Drift


For under $100 you can enter the world of RC Drift.

No, I’m not kidding.

And just below is the icing on the cake from my point of view.

The guys at RC Driver have a review of it.

Check it out here. But come back and read what I say below.

If you have been and read what RC Driver had to say about the car, you
would have to agree that it fits the bill as a great entry level drift car.

I can also hear you groan and mumble saying ‘Yeah but they upgraded their

Believe me the upgrades they did are still going to leave you with money
in your pocket.

Let’s look at it in black and white…

The ARTR (almost ready to run) kit costs $80.00

No radio system is supplied.

Now get this, the reviewer added a brushless system $67.00

A 2S lipo battery $25.00

Drift Car Gyro $20.00

2Ch Radio system $16.00

All that for a grand total of $208.00 (actually just under)

That would have to be one of the best value entry level RC drift cars available, that has
a review by a well known review site – RCDriver.com – adding to it’s credibility.

If you don’t do the upgades, you are drifting for less than $100.

OK. This is all very well but you want something a little more flashy or
brand namish (is that a word?)

3 More Options That May Run Under $300

HPI – Sprint 2 Sport 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X
* there are other drift options by HPI

HPI Mustang 69


Tamiya Nismo R34 GTR Z-Tune Drift (ARTR)
TT-01D chassis
Radio: 2-channel with one steering servo
Battery: 6 cell stick pack with standard connector
Charger: AC/DC Timed or Peak for 6-cell battery



3Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift – Kit
(Front Motor Drift Car)
Motor and ESC
Radio: 2 CH and steering servo
Battery and charger



This kit may not be the best for total beginners to RC Drifting.

Once you gain the art of RC drifting in a standard 4WD setup you will no
doubt want to move on to drifting like the pros with the front wheels on
opposite lock.

This is counter steering (CS) and there we have a whole new ball game in set
up and driving.