Traxxas Ford F150 SVT Raptor Electric RC Short Course Race Truck
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Ford F150 SVT Raptor – Stylishly Good Lookin’


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If you are happy to find out more about the Ford F150 SVT Raptor by Traxxas please continue reading.

Often the seemingly easiest decisions are the hardest – like choosing a color.
Traxxas have the officially Licensed Replica Body of the Ford Raptor in four true Ford colors. Metallic blue, metallic black, white and red.

Ford Raptor SVT colour range

If you can’t decide on which color you like best, don’t worry, you can get extra bodies in the colors you want from Traxxas. Alternatively, if you are a bit like me and like to do your own design and painting, there are a few places to get clear bodies from and then you can release your creative talents on them and end up with a Raptor completely unique to you.


What’s the Ford F150 SVT Raptor Body Hiding?

Underneath that muscle image looking body is a black chassised (not even sure that’s a word) Traxxas Slash.
Now don’t sigh disappointingly, there are plenty of advantages to having a proven chassis from the Slash. Firstly and most importantly there is already just about every part and upgrade, you could want, available.

You want brushless motors and Lipo compatible ESC’s, no problem and the chassis is already adapted to accommodate these modifications.
Upgradable springs for shocks, wheels, tires and alloy replacements all already on the market. You have a completely customizable truck.

I will admit that if you have intentions of racing this short course Ford truck be prepared to do some substantial upgrading to get it to racetrack ready.

Of course if bashing is your thing then this is where the Slash/Raptor shines. It is a well known fact, proven on YouTube, that the Slash is possibly the ultimate short course basher. So you could say, “This truck is built tough – Ford Tough”.

Look if you are really keen on the Ford F150 Raptor SVT, stop worrying about if it’s a good truck. It is. Just buy it. There is nothing really wrong with the truck that should cause you worry.

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Raptor has all the great features of the Slash line up like…..

  • Waterproof Electronics
  • Adjustable Drive Profiles – Sport, Race & Training
  • EZ Set – one Button Setup
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Revo®-Spec Torque-Control™ slipper clutch system
  • Fully adjustable Ultra Shocks™ with X-ring technology


electric remote control cars for short course racing Traxxas Ford F150 SVT Raptor


Ford F150 SVT Raptor – Brushless Ready

The full-size Ford F150 SVT Raptor is built for extreme horsepower–so is the Traxxas model! Velineon™ brushless horsepower (sold separately) simply bolts in to boost speed to 40+mph. Add 11.1V Traxxas Power Cell LiPo batteries and you have the potential to double your speed–over 60mph! Bigger roosts and longer hang-time are right at your fingertips. The included steel transmission gears, full ball bearings, and high-quality metal turnbuckle links are the winning setup for brushless durability. The factory-installed planetary differential is Traxxas-tough with hardened steel gears that never need adjusting! Perfect for long-lasting, all-day fun. Accessory battery hold downs are available for use with large capacity LiPo battery packs that can extend speed and run time. Compare the durability and features to others and you’ll see that only Traxxas makes them truly brushless ready.


Adjustable Battery Hold Down

The unique chassis design allows the use of 6-cell stick or side-by-side style battery packs and 7-cell stick, side-by-side, and hump battery packs for unmatched versatility. The extended chassis enables the various battery packs to be positioned forward or backward for front/rear weight bias tuning. An optional battery hold down kit is available for use with oversized batteries.


Metal Gear Magnum 272™ Transmission

The proven Magnum 272 transmission is assembled with all metal gear internals riding on ultra-smooth sealed ball bearings. Combined with the smooth 48-pitch gears, power is delivered to the rear wheels via durable telescoping U-joint driveshafts for maximum efficiency and articulation. The bulletproof Torque-Control slipper clutch and metal gear Magnum transmission are ready to handle any power system upgrade including the Extreme Power of the Velineon Brushless Power System.


Revo®-spec Torque-Control™ Slipper Clutch

Advanced Revo technology is utilized to manage the massive power from the Titan 12T motor. The Torque-Control slipper clutch uses special semi-metallic friction material and finned aluminum alloy pressure plates to dissipate heat and provide consistent traction control. The semi-metallic friction material remains stable across a wide temperature range to provide smooth, linear engagement you can count on, run after run. Spur gears can be removed and replaced without altering the slipper adjustment.


Long-Wheelbase Chassis

The SVT Raptor’s chassis is shared with the award-winning Slash and features a 13.2″ wheelbase, over 3.5 inches inches of ground clearance, and is molded in black for a tough new look. The chassis includes drain holes and a battery tray channel for routing servo wires to the receiver. Optional electronic speed control mounting bosses are incorporated into the chassis, making it easy to upgrade to the Extreme Power of the Velineon Brushless Power System. For race track competition, a transponder mount is located under the front shock tower when every second counts.


Adjustable Steel Turnbuckles

Factory fitted, heavy-duty steel turnbuckles allow camber and toe tuning. The suspension is completely adjustable right out of the box to fine tune handling agility and high-speed performance. Captured rod ends provide unmatched durability and they simply won’t pop off.


Bellcrank Steering

High-performance bellcrank steering system minimizes bump steer to increase cornering stability.

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Traxxas slash ford raptor short course truck

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