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Gas Powered RC Cars – Ford F150 Truck

Gas powered RC cars or gas powered RC trucks, take your pick, have been gaining popularity. Many of the well known RC companies are now producing them.
These large scale RC monsters have a great appeal to many newcomers to the RC world and attract veteran RC hobbyists alike. Maybe it’s a man thing if it’s ‘Big’ and makes lots of ‘Noise’ then it has got to be fun!


Ford F150 by Smartech

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RC petrol ford f150

The Ford F150 gas powered RC car comes with different body graphics and different sized engine depending on who is selling them. Most commonly found is the 23cc engine but there is a 28cc version available. Engine size has little impact on overall speed this truck will do… by the way…. at 40mph (65kmh) you will need to be somewhere with large open spaces.

So long as you are not really going to be doing any really competitive racing or big air stunts as you no doubt have seen on You Tube, the Smartech Ford F150 2WD described here will give you hours of RC thrills and enjoyment.


Some Features of this Gas Powered RC Truck

  • Comes Fully assembled Ready to Run (RTR)
  • Powerful pull start 23cc engine (2 Stroke)
  • Heavy duty parts (many metal)
  • Differential with built-in gear
  • Fully adjustable oil-filled shocks
  • Disc brake system
  • Strong 15kg/cm OEM Futaba servo
  • Sealed electronics box for use on wet days
  • Aluminum chassis
  • 40mph + (65 km/h) top speed

oil filled shocks rc truckbig remote control truckRC petrol ford f150





A Suggestion for Extended Engine Life

Mentioning 1/5 scale remote control cars has little meaning until you get up close and personal with one of these gas powered RC cars – they are big!
I found a few places selling them with  the Hummer camouflaged body but the Ford F150 model seems to be more popular. Under the body, ie the chassis and engine etc both are identical.
Almost everything you need is included – you will need to supply petrol and 2 stroke oil, both available from your local garage. I would suggest running it on synthetic 2 stroke oil which you can get from your local motorcycle or chainsaw shop. (if you do run synthetic oil talk to the shop people and double check the mixing ratio, it will be different from what is specified for mineral oil) You will also need 8 AA batteries for the Transmitter.
One of the reasons I categorized this as entry level is the 23 cc engine, entry level radio gear and minimal  accessory parts availability. Although I am sure many aftermarket parts could fit as found at


Some Things You Should Know About These Gas Powered RC Cars & Trucks

  • Starting the engine is by a hand pull starter, similar to a chainsaw
  • All the shocks have adjustable preload which will also alter the ride height a little and they are oil dampened
  • Disc brakes operated by pushing the trigger throttle on the transmitter away from you
  • There are two servos fitted one for the throttle and brake and the other operates the steering
  • Radio receiver and batteries are housed in a sealed water resistant box
  • Under everything is a strong aluminum plate chassis

Something that impressed me was that on the rear suspension arms there is the ability to adjust the toe-in and camber settings. Meaning you alter the way your truck handles, just like on real race vehicles.
Also the running time of this RC truck is 40 minutes – look at the overview below and check out fuel tank capacity – which by my research is over 0.5ltr. No more 8 – 10 minute runs and then wait 30 -45 mins for the batteries to charge.


gas powered rc1 5 scale rc truckrc transmitter





What Other Say About the 1/5 Scale Gas Powered RC Cars

…..this car is great in terms of price quality and speed. I would say that it is better than HPI Baja, seeing that its a lot cheaper and is better for new comers to the 1/5th scale world. run in went smooth and the car has stayed in 1 piece through very rough conditions, although my speedo only recorded a to speed of 67km/h with a 1/4 tank of fuel. (Posted on 07/08/2010)


This truck is a fantastic 1/5 scale rc truck. It started first time out of the box and for some reason it came with upgraded shocks. Looks really nice,really fast and the f-150 shell looks better than you think. 1 problem which is that the grommit on the fuel tank does leak but only a little I just used glue and then it was fine nitrotek have been fantastic thanks (Posted on 29/06/2010)

 Overview  – 1/5 Scale Gas Powered RC Ford F150

  • Scale: 1/5
  • D/W: Rear 2WD system, differential with built-in gears
  • Brakes: Rear Disc
  • Speed: 65km/h (40mph)
  • Engine: Single cylinder, two stroke, air-cooled, 23cc
  • Torque: 1.8N.m
  • Power: 1.58kw / 2.15 bhp
  • Fuel: Petrol / engine oil (25:1)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 40 minutes
  • Start method: pull start
  • 2.4Ghz Radio equipment
  • L x W x H: 700 x 530 x 350mm
  • Tyres:190mm
  • Wheelbase (F/R): 480mm
  • Tread: 340mm(F)/370mm(R)

What You Need

A mix of normal unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil (Both of these are available from any petrol station)
8 x AA Batteries


Fail Safe Device – Recommended

Designed to return the throttle servo to a preset position in the event that radio signal is lost or the receiver battery voltage falls below a factory preset voltage (4v). It is recommended that full brakes be programmed as the fail-safe position.

From the comments I found the biggest problem is the throttle servo going to full throttle possibly after a crash or the truck going out of signal range, hence the above suggestion.


Where Can You Buy the Gas Powered RC Ford F150?

Hobbytron has the best price and is on sale currently – click on Gas Powered RC Cars F150


Warranty and Recommended Users

Not recommended for children under 14 years of age 3 Month Warranty covers manufacturer’s defects only. This warranty does not cover misuse of product or damage due to mishandling.


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