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RC Drift Car – Which Model to Pick

RC drift car racing has been on the rise for more than a couple of years now and I have been watching with delight as it has gained more and more popularity.

I first saw it in action in Japan 5 years ago, and it was crazy action back then. At the time I had my focus on other things so my new interest in RC drift racing was pushed to one side.

Fast forward to 2011 and Singapore where I accidentally fell across drift rc cars again while my wife and I where cruising one of those super malls selling all things electronic. It sparked my interest again…

Since then I have been watching the rc drift scene with a lot more than just mild interest. The fact that they are electric, run all but silently and dont give off huge plumes of smoke is irrelevant.

As a beginner it would be almost futile to choose a nitro car so the alternative is electric and the choices are many.

Interestingly enough the biggest interest for rc drift comes from Indonesia and surrounding Asian countries followed very closely by Australia and Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic)

US do not rank in the top 10. Surprising!

With a continual growth in the sport it is no wonder that RC manufacturers are scrambling to build better drift models.
Companies like HPI, Yokomo and Tamiya are just 3 that come to mind all have new releases either recently or up coming.

This leads to me the question that has been on my mind for months and ultimately on the mind of anyone wanting to enter the RC drift craze.

That question is What car do I want to drift?

Having done some research (ok hours of trolling the net and forums) I took on what others in the sport have said and for me, as a beginner, my first pick is the Tamiya TT01D Silvia Coppermix.

 drift car rc


Outa the box the car is all but ready to drift. Get some setup specs and really you’re off practising…. easy as that!

Of course there is plenty of spares and option parts available.

The guy in the local hobby store even had one as his own pet play toy in store. Gotta say something, as he can choose from any number of top line brands, not saying Tamiya is not up there.

Tamiya have a history dating back to 1948, so they know a thing or 3 about model cars.

In the up coming Shizouka Hobby Show (May 2012) it’s suspected that Tamiya will release a new version of their TA05 platform the TA05 VDF 2

I found this over at Drift Mission

We now have a leaked drawing from the Tamiya, we are awaiting official announcement and pictures. Looks like the Tamiya TA-05 VDF 2 will not come CS ready as everyone initially suspected. The annual Shizouka Hobby show is set for May 2012 in Shizouka, Japan. The new TA-05 VDF 2 will be officially announced at Shizouka with many new features and improvements over its preprocessor. Stay tuned!…More at Tamiya TA-05 VDF 2 Your Home for RC Drifting


and don’t forget to head over to CS Junkies and check this thread on it.


What’s your choice as a beginner RC drift car?